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How to Co-Parent Well

Even though you may have issues with the other parent, it is important to keep the children in mind and work with the other parent by keeping the best interests of the children in mind. Here are a few tips:

  • Communicate in writing
  • Keep the other parent informed
  • Keep communications constructive
  • Timely respond to communications
  • Engage in joint decision making
  • Be flexible
Communicate in Writing

Use co-parenting apps. Talking Parents is a popular one The apps document communications and transcripts are automatically admissible in court, if necessary. A single record of parenting communications is much easier to follow than a series of random communications and can help identify positive and negative parenting patterns much more easily. A written record can show that you keep the other parent informed. It can also show the responsiveness of the other parent, or lack thereof.

Keep the Other Parent Informed

The good news is that with joint parenting, both parents are legally eligible to receive directly medical and education information about the children. However, keep the other parent informed about important events. For example, medical and school events. If the children will not be available for a scheduled phone or video call, let the other parent know in advance. This is courteous and reduces the possibility of upset feelings. If the children will travel, tell the other about it. Make sure the other parent is listed as a contact with all professionals related to the children – such as schools, childcare, and doctors.

Constructive Communication

Keep communications child-focused. Be positive and informative. Keep in mind that the Court may see any child-related communication. Be responsive to the other parent’s attempts to communicate about the children. Courts want to see both parents playing an active role in the children’s life.

Joint Decision-Making

Include the other parent in decisions involving the children. Medical, education and religion are major decision-making areas, however the more you involve the other parent, even in less important decisions, the better.

Be Flexible

Be reasonably flexible with exchange times and parenting time changes in general. Allow a reasonable amount of extra time for the other parent if they request it. Courts like to see parents working together for the benefit of the children, and to see both parents spending time with the children.

Create a Constructive Relationship

Facilitate a positive relationship between the children and the other parent. Help the children acknowledge the other parent’s birthday and Mother’s and Father’s Days. Attend important functions for the child together. Speak positively about the other parent to the children whenever possible.

Turning Change Into Opportunity

How can an attorney help with Colorado Springs child custody? An attorney can assist you in child custody matters by helping you navigate through legal challenges. Determining how the court will view a legal situation can be difficult for those without an in-depth knowledge of the law.

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