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Knowledge and Experience on Your Side to Help You Navigate the Divorce and Family Law Court Process - 24 Years of Legal Experience on Your SideDivorce and Family Law Services

Divorce and family court matters can be stressful and time-consuming, but can also offer a brighter future.

In divorce and family law proceedings, you get one bite at the apple. There are no do-overs in the court system. Let our experienced attorney make sure that the bite counts.

We actively promote reaching mutually beneficial agreement between all involved to keep cost and conflict down; particularly when children are involved. If we go to court, we put on our best case.

Working With Janko Family Law Solutions:

Personal service. I personally meet with you and help define your goals and priorities.

Point of contact. When I take your case, I become your representative to achieve your goals.

Experience. As an experienced legal professional, I have many years of experience in a variety of legal areas and enjoy working with people to reach agreement if that is their goal.

Empathy. I understand the difficulty of legal challenges and work with you to turn change into opportunity.

Attorneys and clientsAs a Mom, a former Judge Advocate General (JAG) Attorney, and a Colorado and New York licensed attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I am committed to helping people turn change into opportunity. I have been both a military member and a military spouse. I understand the unique nature, benefits and challenges of each position. I understand the impact that divorce and separation has on children and work with couples whenever possible to minimize that impact and to facilitate constructive problem solving approaches. In addition to traditional divorce and law services as a Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas lawyer, I provide special insight into military divorce and family law issues.

Sabra was the Chair of the Colorado Bar Association Military and Veterans Affairs Section in 2023 and is the current Chair of the El Paso County Bar Association Family Law Section.

Life and the Law butterfly

Life and the law are intertwined. Life is about change and planning for the future. Everyone at some point has family changes and would like to plan for the future. Life and the law intersect when we enter into agreements with others, seek advice or assistance with decision making, take disagreements into the court system, or prepare legally binding documents such as Separation Agreements and Parenting Plans.

My Philosophy

When life and the law intersect, turn change into opportunity.

Practice Areas

Divorce and Family Law
Divorce and family law matters are often emotional and complicated. It is important to have someone to listen and objectively identify ways to turn change into opportunity.

The Gardner Family
The Best Part of Family Law - Adoptions
The Gardner Family

As a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, I handle all facets of divorce and family law to include:

  • Dissolution of marriage (AKA divorce)
  • Parenting time (AKA child custody)
  • Child support
  • Relocation
  • Separation agreements
  • Parenting Plans
  • Property division
  • Post-decree matters and modifications
  • Military and veteran family law

Protection Orders
A person seeking protection from another can file for a civil Protection Order in county court. Civil Protection Orders differ from criminal protection orders. A civil order can be requested by a party seeking protection from someone with whom they have been in an intimate relationship. A criminal Protection Order, on the other hand, is pursued by the state to protect a party who has been a victim in a crime that the state has chosen to prosecute.

Military Divorce and Family Law
Military divorce and family law often have unique aspects, whether jurisdictional because family members are located in different states, or relating to military-specific rules, regulations and legislation. I have extensive experience working with servicemembers, veterans, retirees and family members and understand the military system. As everyone who has served or been a military family member knows, the military is a completely different culture with unique structures and systems.

Change and Opportunity

Change can be difficult but it is part of the cycle of life. There can be several phases of change:

Phase 1 - Comfort Zone
Human nature orients us to create systems, routines and things that we can count on in our lives. We may get married or find a significant other, have children, buy a house, buy a car, engage in a profession and so on. We then define ourselves by these reliable choices and associations and enter a comfort zone. Sonner or later for most however, something about these routines, systems, people or possessions changes.

Phase 2 - Comfort Zone Disruption
Something may happen to disrupt our comfort zone. Common occurrences are divorce, separating from a significant other, or legal issues involving children. Sadly, the divorce rate in America is high. The American Psychological Association reports that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce. These disruptions can impact our sense of who we are and destabilize our systems, routines and things that we can count on. We may then question what we can count on. This uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but can serve the positive purpose of motivating us to respond.

Phase 3 – Fight or Flight
Initially human instinct may lead us to respond to a perceived threat to our stability by fight or flight. In the family law context, fight can mean nonconstructive communications with partners or former partners. Flight can mean ignoring important family issues, or even denial.

Fight or flight is not a comfortable phase, and it should not be because it is not a phase that we should stay in for long. The fight or flight instinct serves a purpose in extreme situations or for limited periods of time. Sooner or later reason paves the way to creativity where we think of new ideas or develop new perspectives on our situation.

Phase 4 –Creativity
This is where we come up with new ideas or perspectives and is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. When one door closes, another opens.

Phase 5 – New Approach Implementation
Life and the law intersect in the implementation phase. It is where we negotiate with former partners to reach agreement regarding divorce and matters involving children and set forth the decisions in joint agreements, seek assistance in resolving issues and having important documents drafted, or take the matter to a court for that court to decide.

We may decide to prepare planning documents to secure the future of our loved ones after change, or we may prepare them as part of a routine life planning and review process.

Phase 6 – Enjoying the Results
Create a reality better than the one before.

Service Options

Colorado Springs Divorce in a Day
Don't want to spend months to accomplish divorce through the court process? Accomplish divorce, AKA dissolution, in a day through a mediated divorce. Schedule anywhere between 4 - 8 hours in one day with an attorney mediator who can guide you through the divorce process and prepare standard separation agreements and parenting plans based on your agreements. You can then file the forms with the court and move on with your life to turn change into new opportunity. Note that there is a 90-day statutory waiting period in Colorado after you file your paperwork with the court.

Traditional retainer & Billable Hour
With this option, you can have an attorney implement your legal goals and you can always pick up the phone to call with questions. This approach allows you to put maximum effort into other areas of your life.

However, it is not the only option. The right legal approach is personal and depends on the complexity of the issues and the needs and desires of the parties.

Turning Change Into Opportunity

If you are looking for a dependable guide to lead you through difficult and unfamiliar legal terrain, contact me at 719-344-5523, or by using the online contact form. I am looking forward to discussing solutions with you.

Client Reviews
Excellent service! Sabra and her team work diligently while looking for all the little details that impact the case. Im so grateful to have found this firm. Great communication from start to finish. Also they were very patient with my lack of understanding the court process. Highly recommend! Chris Faucett
As an active duty service member I can definitely say that at Janko Family Law Solutions I was served with the utmost professionalism, in a timely and efficient manner. Very glad I discovered these experienced professionals to assist me in my legal circumstances, and I will certainly be recommending them to people in the future. Rebecca Cody
Sabra and her office are wonderful to work with! ... very knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate during the entire process. The experience and legal expertise are evident. Tim Halladay
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