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Statutory Reform for Child Safety in Colorado Springs Divorce and Family Law

Are you involved in a divorce or family law case involving child abuse or safety? You could consult with a divorce attorney who understands domestic violence and child safety?

Julie's LawJulie's Law is the impetus for reforms in the training and oversight of certain court-appointed professionals, such as Child Legal Representatives, Child and Family Investigators and Parenting Responsibilities Evaluators. (HB 21-1228, signed June 22, 2021). The act provides for increased domestic violence training requirements for court-appointed personnel who are regularly involved in cases involving domestic relations matters.

The increased training requirement involves initial training as well as ongoing training. The professionals must receive an initial six hours of training in domestic violence, to include coercive control and its effects on children and families, as well as six hours of initial training on child abuse, to include sexual abuse. An additional four hours of training is required every two years on domestic violence and child abuse, including sexual abuse and the effects on children and families. C.R.S § 14-10-116 (Appointment of CLR), C.R.S § 14-10-116.5 (Appointment of CFI), C.R.S § 14-10-127 (PREs).

Julie's law is based on several research-based facts. First, that allegations of domestic violence and child abuse are often discounted in child custody litigation. Second, that abusive parents are often granted custody thereby placing children at risk. Third, that a child’s risk of abuse increases after a perpetrator of domestic violence separates from a former partner, even if the perpetrator has not abused the child before. Fourth, that scientifically unsound theories are frequently improperly utilized as support to reject a parent or child's report of abuse in court.

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