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Separation Agreements, Marital Agreements and Wills

Separation Agreements, Marital Agreements and Wills Although separation and marital agreements are entered into by married parties, marital agreements differ from separation agreements. A marital agreement and a separation agreement are entered into at different times and serve different purposes. A separation agreement is entered into when contemplating legal separation or dissolution, as opposed to a marital agreement which is entered into while having an intent to remain married.

A marital agreement, because entered into in contemplation of remaining married, may never actually be implemented if the spouses never dissolve the marriage. If the spouses enter into a marital agreement in contemplation of dissolution, then it may not be enforceable as a separation agreement is the correct agreement to enter into.


A will is drafted to address what happens upon death, rather than dissolution. It is drafted as a unilateral act by a person who has authority to distribute property upon death. On the other hand, a marital agreement is a contract between two parties. A martial agreement can include provisions based on death. Including provisions in a marital agreement for disposition upon death may be particularly important for subsequent marriages or where one spouse expects a significant inheritance or is a beneficiary of a family trust.

In Colorado, a surviving spouse inherits up to one-half of the estate by statute, however, this right can be waived by mutual agreement set forth in a marital agreement. One reason for such waiver might be to allow a spouse to leave a greater amount of his or her estate to children from a prior relationship, if desired.

A marital agreement can address any of the following:

  • Premarital assets
  • Business interests
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Property disposition
  • Debt division
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Insurance as security for support
  • Retirement benefits
  • Dispute resolution procedures
Advantages and Disadvantages of Marital Agreements


  • Financial security: A significant number of marriages in the United States end in divorce and an agreement can help ensure asset retention.
  • Protecting children of prior marriages: Agreements can ensure that some assets pass to children from a prior marriage.
  • Marital commitment: Agreements can be entered into after a betrayal in the marriage to indicate renewed commitment.
  • Knowledge: Better understanding of each other’s financial positions.


  • Validity: Validity can be questioned if proper procedural requirements were not followed or the agreement is determined to be unconscionable.
  • Romance: Conversations about entry into such agreements may take some of the “romance” out of a relationship and may not be well-received. Discussion timing is important. It is important to approach conversations about marital agreements with sensitivity.
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