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The Soundtrack of Life

Good day and welcome to this week’s edition of ‘The Divorce Whisperer.’ If you found your way here, you’re most likely in the grips of a divorce or child custody case. It can be overwhelming and unpredictable, but with an experienced and knowledgeable divorce and child custody attorney on your side it doesn’t have to be.

Woman listening to musicAfter my Thanksgiving trip, I couldn’t help but feel a little emotionally frayed. The high of chilling with family, enjoying delicious food, and catching up had worn off, leaving me feeling kind of blue. Combine that with the cold and dark winter days, it created a mix of melancholy and raw feelings. However, there were a few pastimes I enjoyed which helped me alleviate all that. I went to the gym to get a rush of endorphins. I binge watched King of Queens to get in some laughs. And I would hit the sack early so I can recharge. I would even indulge in some comfort food like a gooey slice (or two) of pizza, because why not?

But there is one thing that is above all the best for when I find myself in the depths of my emotions. Listening to music. There’s nothing like hearing your favorite tunes that make you go through every emotion under the sun. It could be the lyrics, the hypnotic bass line, the moving, harmonic sounds of the instruments, but there is something about music that is healing, powerful and transcending.

There always is a song for every mood. It can transport you to a time and place that once was. Music can be powerful and profound matching my mood immersing myself in either my sadness and strife, or if I want to stew in my anger, or get a jolt of excitement.

The best way I access these songs when I’m wanting to feel a certain way is creating playlists on my phone. I have several. The first one is called ‘Everything I Wanted.’ I named it after one of the songs on my list from Billie Eilish of the same name. A few of my favorites are:

  • Nine Inch Nail, ‘The Day the World Went Away’
  • Sia, ‘Breath Me’
  • Glass Animals, ‘Heat Waves’
  • Bush, ‘Letting the Cables Sleep.’

To me, they conjure up feelings of longing, sadness, emptiness and contemplation. Then I have a playlist with more upbeat songs if I want to alter my mood a little. I call that playlist, ‘Ear Candy.’ I would listen to some of them on the way to work or a drive out to the mountains, and let me tell you, those blues have been chased away by catchy beats of:

  • ‘Do It, To It’ from Acraze
  • ‘Feel So Close,’ by Calvin Harris
  • ‘Freestyler’ from Bomfunk MC’s

And on Fridays after work, I’ll be blasting:

  • ‘Friday’ from Riton, Nightcrawlers (Dopamine Re-Edit)

If you’re familiar with EDM music (Electronic Dance Music, aka Trance), then you know this genre of music, which has other subgenres, offers rhythms, tempos and beats that can illicit deep emotions, euphoria and exhilaration. I have an old CD from the 90’s called ‘Euphoria.’ Yes, I still listen to CD’s! Too many songs to list but anything from Moby, BT, Röyksopp, and Above & Beyond are my go to’s for wanting to feel dreamy and euphoric.

Yes, I do have an angry playlist called, ‘A Very Dark Place.’ When I want to not feel my raw emotions, anything from Korn, Metallica, Linkin Park and the German Heavy metal band, Rammstein will do the trick. I don’t understand German, but their lyrics do sound pretty angry to me!

Go ahead and try some of those songs and music groups. See what you think and find out for yourself! Because acknowledging emotions and not shoving them aside nor burying them, can be very uplifting and freeing.

Enjoy the music that speaks to you, and I’ll see you next time!

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